Abundantly You Self Care Series - Facial Cleansing Featuring the AOMUU Silicone Face Scrubber


Ever since my teenage years, I struggled to find products that would not irritate my face. My skin elsewhere is normal, but my face is sensitive to many types of cleansers, make-up, and cleaning tools.

Traditionally I have always used a drug store facial cleansing bar or whatever soap bar that was in the shower on my face. 

Now that I am post-40 years old, I need to give my face a little more self-care. In recent years I have experienced sagging skin, fine lines, and small areas that get unusually dry. 

Two years ago, I was turned onto oil rinsing. I was nervous about it in the beginning. Lathering oil onto my face that is already part oily didn't sound like the best idea. But I released my anxiety and trusted in the testimonies of oil rinsers everywhere.

My first oil of choice was coconut oil. To my surprise, I did not have any breakouts and my face actually felt clean. 

My second oil of choice was castor oil. Instead of Jamaican black castor oil, I opted for the clear castor oil. Several brands have worked for me, but I really love Piping Rock castor oil. I can purchase the oil in large quantities at a very reasonable price.

Out of the two, castor oil is my favorite for oil cleansing. It leaves my face feeling clean and super soft to the touch. My combination skin looks even and toned. 

Oil rinsing even removes make-up. There may be many nights where you are so tired that you just want to fall into bed, but remember the importance of caring for your beautiful face. Oil rinsing gives you a fast and easy option for removing makeup quickly. Then it is sweet dreams.

When I am not oil rinsing, I use my homemade rose geranium facial soap bar. Needless to say, I love it so much, that I now sell it in my Etsy store. Other ingredients include jojoba oil and pure vitamin E oil. The scent of rose geranium essential oil is amazing. Especially if you love natural floral fragrances. 

Ever since I started making and using this soap bar, my hormonal acne breakouts are few and far between... compared to every month.

Now let's talk about cleansing tools. There are a ton of scrubs, brushes, and clothes on the market. Many are battery operated and has a spin brush to assist with cleansing and exfoliation. I have not ruled out using such tools, but I much rather prefer to have something simple in hand that I can control.

For the last few days, I have spent a lot of time with the AOMUU face scrubber. It is an easy to use silicone scrubber. The pad has three different size bristles so it can clean every corner of your face. It was difficult to discern just by looking, but to my relief, the bristles are soft and gentle.

It works great for removing blackheads, dirt, and make-up. This face scrubber is fairly large in size which makes quick work of cleaning my face. It is also thin enough, that it travels well taking up little space.

The AOMUU silicone scrubber currently retails for $10.99 on Amazon. A great little price for a big self-care practice.

I simply wet my face, lather with my rose geranium soap bar, and use the face scrubber to exfoliate and deep cleanse my skin. Then I rinse my face and pat dry. When it comes to self-care, there are so many ways to keep it simple and still have an enjoyable spa-like experience.

My face scrubber rinses easily and quickly dries. I store my natural soap and castor oil in a cool dry place to preserve their integrity. 

Again, I alternate between soap cleansing and oil rinsing, opting to oil rinse at night before bed.

What are your favorite self-care treatments for your face? Share in the comments below!

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