Abundantly You Self Care Series - Reaching Your Goals Featuring the Cossac Planner & Facial Bar Giveaway

As we continue our series on self-care, we cannot forget the importance of a healthy mind. When I am the most frustrated and aggravated and everything in between, the cause it usually disorganization. Whether I have procrastinated, forgotten a task that needs to be done, or feel far from achieving personal goals, it all adds up to a stressful mind. 

We all want to be beautiful and put together on the outside, but self-care falls apart when our mind falls apart. Starting my natural bath and body business definitely added stress to my life. But it is worth it to help my customers and achieve my goals. 

To assist with time management and tracking my daily task, I invested in a daily planner. It was the cute kind with flowers and colors all over the place. It's nice for personal planning but it didn't exactly fit into a business environment. It was also large and bulky so I usually left it at home, the place where I rarely am. So needless to say not much has been written inside. Even the best planner is only as good as the data it contains. 

It was also difficult to find a planner that was affordable and contained space for daily planner as well as noting personal goals each day. When I stumbled across the Cossac planner, all the stars fell in perfect alignment. Truly God had smiled on me. 

Being a new business owner, money it tight. Nearly every penny earned is reinvested back into the business. Purchasing a $50 to $80 planner was not something I wanted to do. The Cossac planner currently retails on Amazon for $19.99 and contains everything I need to run my household and my business. 

I can schedule business meetings, social events, and create a daily routine for myself. Yes, I am that forgetful, and yes I needed a tool to keep me on track and stress less. 

The space for daily goal setting is the true self-care part of this planner because when I lose sight of my dreams, I lose sight of who I truly am. 

I always gain a wonderful sense of peace when I know that I am on course and I am keeping up with the things that are most important to me. Even if you don't own or operate, this planner is useful for tracking household tasks, preparing for your next vacation, or keeping up with your children's busy lives. 

The planner includes daily, weekly, and monthly pages, and mindmap sections to keep you focused. The planner also includes habit boxes!  If you enjoy journaling, the Cossac planner gives you space to write down your thoughts and brainstorm your latest big idea. 

Unlike by bulky planner plastered with flowers, the Cossac planner is a hardbound book with pockets for notes or pictures. Its book size makes it a perfect fit for my backpack, laptop case, or medium to large size purse. I just purchased my planner but since the month and date fields are empty, I was able to start my planner for the month of May. Why wait until January to get organized. (Smile) 

Getting organized is one of the best self-care practices you can do for yourself. In a future post, I will then discuss the freedom of cleaning out your clutter. 

Any little tip or practice that will relieve stress and make life easier on the mind is worth doing. 

Take self-care of yourself! 

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