What Are Shampoo Bars?

My first experience with a shampoo bar was about 3 years ago. I ordered a few samples online. I tried them, liked them, but eventually transitioned back to the everyday drug store and even high end shampoo.

The traditional bottle of shampoo was easier to find and purchase. Just a swing of my grocery cart down aisle 9 led me to hundreds of bottles of shampoo.

But it was not long before my mind went back to those shampoo bars. They did not contain the harsh chemicals found in traditional shampoos. Sulfates were drying my hair out and my hair did not feel truly clean using co-wash cleansing products.

So being a soap maker it only made sense to research natural ingredients that are healthy for the hair and scalp, and create a shampoo bar that I now cannot live without.

So is a shampoo bar just a bar of soap?

Yes and no. Abundantly You shampoo bars are made using the same process as our soaps. However, we alter our shampoo bar recipes to add ingredients like shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil and coconut milk. These ingredients are great for the hair and still provides a nice lather.

Using a traditional soap bar to wash your hair can be a bit drying. So a specially formulated shampoo bar is the better choice for most people. An added bonus is that many use a shampoo bar to cleanse their entire body. We all love getting multiple uses out of one product don't we? ♥ This is really handy when traveling.

How to use a shampoo bar?

How you use a shampoo bar really depends on your hair type, length, and personal preference. If you have kinky, curly hair that tends to tangle, you may want to wash your hair in sections. If you have short hair, you can massage the bar at the roots of your hair and let the lather flow.

To avoid split ends, do not rub the shampoo directly against your hair strands or on the ends of your hair. Lather at the root. As you rinse your hair, the lather will flow and clean down to the ends.

Follow your shampoo bar experience with a conditioner. A natural moisturizing conditioner will add softness to your hair. Apple cider vinegar rinses are my favorite. If you are looking for a natural drug store brand, Shea Moisture, is very popular for natural conditioners.

Shampoo bar tip: To extend the life of your shampoo, keep your bar dry between washes. 

The Abundantly You Coconut Milk and Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar

The Abundantly You Coconut Milk and Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar is now available in my Etsy store. 

It is a rhassoul clay and coconut milk shampoo cleansing bar made with cocoa butter and shea butter. There are no synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or parabens. 

It provides a silky, moisturizing lather that deeply cleanses. It is lightly scented with lavender essential oil, which is also great for the hair.

Over the next few months, Abundantly You, will be launching two more shampoo bars! So be sure you visit our Etsy shop to purchase our full or sample size bars.

The Abundantly You Bath and Body Team

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