Consistency is Key. Don't Give Up on Natural Ingredients.

As with any new hair or skin care regimen, consistency is key. I can remember the first time I conditioned my hair with virgin coconut oil. I considered it to be one of the worst wash day experiences ever. 

My hair felt, well, unusual. After washing out the coconut oil and shampooing my hair, I did not see the miraculous results that people were talking about. 

There was no shine, not much softness, and my split ends still looked like they went a few rounds with a paper shredder. 

Although some people for allergy reasons or otherwise, are unable to use coconut oil on their hair; coconut oil was not the culprit in my wash day experience.  

The issue was that I simply had severely damaged hair. Years of blow drying, flat ironing, and coloring, damaged my hair. So it was going to take more than one wash day wiht coconut oil to rejuvenate it back to the health. I don't care what those shampoo commercials say. ;) 

Instead of cutting those dreaded split ends and trying coconut oil again, I put the oil on the shelf. It was several months later before I reached for it again. 

It was not until I joined a coconut oil challenge with a group of other women that I decided to give it another go. The challenge was to incorporate coconut oil in your hair care routine for a set amount of time. 

Week one, was uneventful. The second week was much like the first. But then something wonderful happened around weeks three and four! 

I noticed that my hair was soft, retained moisture, and I experienced less breakage than my normal. I learned then that consistency is key when it comes to transitioning to natural ingredients. 

After three months of deep conditioning with coconut oil, my hair grew like a weed and continued to get stronger and healthier. 

You should have seen me then. I was fully converted and became the poster child for coconut oil! I even started blogging about it. 

Now this scenario only involves the use of coconut oil, but I have found that consistent use of other natural beauty ingredients is important as well. 

Shea butter, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, almond oil, and more, are all wonderful for the skin and hair. However, the real results of these ingredients will flourish with time.  

With consistent use of an organic body butter cream or oil, you will see an actual transformation with your skin. And isn't that our real goal? To be and feel beautiful with the skin and hair that we were born with? 

So before you push the pure mango butter to the side and reach for a traditional drug store item, give the natural product some time. 

It will be worth the wait. ;)  

~Candra E. Abundantly You Bath and Body Founder