Rosewater has had a special place in my beauty regimen for several years. Rosewater is a natural ingredient that is beneficial for the body both inside and out.

If you find yourself curious about using rosewater, let me give you a few reasons why you should give it a try.

Rosewater is one of those timeless natural ingredients that can take the place of many beauty products. You can replace hair setting lotions, facial toners, and make up setting sprays with rosewater.

According to the SuzannnerBanks blog, flower waters are the water left over from the steam and water distillation of a plant or flower. In this case, roses. The by-product of the steaming process is rosewater.

The essence of the roses has been captured in water. So you get the benefits of the rose flower as well as the hydrating power of water. This is a great duo for both hair and skin.

I also use rose water for its aromatherapy benefits. I spritz a bit of rosewater on and around my face to perk me up if I am feeling sluggish, and to relieve stress at the end of a long day. In the process, it is also working as a toner for my skin.

For hair, rosewater conditions and moisturizes the hair. After shampooing, I spritz rosewater on my hair just before applying a leave in conditioner. It gives my hair the extra conditioning that it needs.

Rosewater is also a natural setting lotion. You can use it alone, but I prefer to add rosewater to a traditional setting lotion. My results are bouncy and soft curls.

Rosewater contains healing properties that are benefical to gaining a healthy scalp and stimulating flood flow. Stimulated blood flow at the scalp can spark healthy hair growth.

Rosewater offers skin benefits as well. It contains properties that can help fight acne. It assists in removing access oils from the skin. Rosewater also moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

Many women use rosewater to set their makeup. A light mist of natural rosewater can act as a makeup setting spray.

During those hot days in the sun, a few sprays of rosewater can cool and relieve hot skin and soothe sunburns.

Bear in mind that not every brand of rosewater is the same. Before purchasing, do your research to find exactly how they produce their product. Natural distillation methods are best.

Do you use rosewater, hydrosals, or other flower waters? Share your experience in the comments!

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Be Abundantly You,

Candra E.