When I first became interested in natural beauty products, I went head over heals for coconut oil. It was all the rage in hair care and skin care forums.

Although other oils have found their popularity in the world of beauty, many still love the beauty benefits of coconut oil. So with that in mind, I wanted to share a few quick tips on how to store coconut oil between uses.

Unrefined coconut oil tends to have a shelf life of 2 to 5 years. Granted if you use coconut oil the way I do (as a hair conditioner, oral rinse, lip balm, etc.), a jar of coconut oil will not last long.

Still,  you want to make sure that your coconut oil is properly stored. Otherwise, you could actually shorten your oil's shelf life. And it would be devastating, to allow such heaven sent oil to go to waste. ;)

Tip #1 - Store coconut oil in a dry and cool location.

I learned this tip the hard way. One week, I made a huge mistake and left a jar of coconut oil in a storage room, on a hot summer day, and it was not air conditioned. Needless to say my coconut oil went rancid. The odor was incredibly unpleasant. Although the oil may have still been useful for some things, I made my way back Trader Joe's for a new jar.

Tip #2 - Refrigeration is good but not necessary

Keeping your coconut oil refrigerated works great for a lot of people, however, coconut oil can live out its full shelf life in your pantry. If you feel your home is too warm, opt to refrigerate. Otherwise, save the room in your refrigerator for veggies and left overs!

Tip #3 - Keep your coconut oil tightly sealed

To protect the quality of your oil, seal your container well after each use. This will also prevent leakage and keep things from getting inside your coconut oil. If you store your coconut oil near a sink or bath, you will want to keep out moisture and anything else that may cause bacteria to form in your oil.

Tip #4 - Store separately the coconut oil you consume and the coconut oil you use for beauty

After I purchase coconut oil, I distribute my oil into two or more storage containers. One container of coconut oil I store in my kitchen and use strictly for cooking and baking. The other I store in my bathroom pantry and use it solely for hair and skin. Often, I have a third, smaller container, that I use when oral rinsing with coconut oil. This helps to make sure that the coconut oil that you are consuming remains untainted.

Do you have additional tips on how to store coconut oil? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Be Abundantly You,

Candra E.

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