Hey Candra! Can I Still Purchase Your Body Butter in the Summer Season?

Body butter sales are tricky in the spring and summer seasons. Why? My body butter is a blend of natural and organic oils, wax, and butters. These ingredients naturally melt at various temperatures.

If you use coconut oil for your hair, skin, or in your diet... you can relate. When the temperatures are cooler in your home, you will notice that your coconut oil is solid. When temperatures are warmer, coconut oil turns into a liquid.

In both the solid and liquid state, ingredients like coconut oil and mango butter are still effective and wonderful for the skin. However, the state of these ingredients effects the appearance and texture of a whipped body butter.

The texture of body body is one of the things that makes whipped butter so pleasurable. It is light, creamy, and glides smoothly on the skin. In its whipped state, a little body butter goes a long way. It is also easier to apply to the hair for conditioning.

Now back to the question at hand. Abundantly You will postpone shipping our variety of whipped body butters until September. 

However, for our local customers, our body butter will be made to order just for you. The local demand was just too great to ignore! :)

It makes us proud to hear so many positive testimonials. Our body butter can be used for both the skin and hair. It conditions, softens, and delivers healing properties. 

So it is no surprise that I have been asked to override my "no body butter sales in the summer" rule.

For our awesome customers that live across the country, September will be here before you know it. Stay tuned for frequent discounts of our whipped butters through the fall and summer! It will be worth the wait. ;)

Many blessings to you and yours... and be abundantly you.